Hotel Etiquettes Every Guests Should Follow

Traveling can sometimes be anxious, but on the flipside, it might be the perfect getaway for you to build a lifetime of memories with your friends and family. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation with your family or friends, staying at a hotel means tons of pampering, freedom of having the room all for yourself, no household chores to finish and most of all, no one to intrude on your privacy. However, being a traveler you should follow some hotel etiquettes to maintain an atmosphere of enjoyment and pleasantness not only for yourself but the hotel staff.

Here is a list of the must follow rules for every guest at any hotel you go to.

  • Checking   In

Provide the names of everyone who will be staying in your room honestly; if you tell the front desk you will have two guests, abide by your word. Always check in at the appropriate time. If at all you arrive early, do not insist on checking in early. Be patient and wait until the room’s ready or until the staff suggests early check-in.

  • While Traveling with Kids

Always take care to not let your kids run amok in the hotel area. Keep them next to you whether you are in the lobby, hallways, near to swimming pool or outdoor gardens etc. Speak to your children about the hotel etiquettes and why it is importantto be followed before embarking on the trip itself. This will encourage responsible travel behavior among children from the young age itself.

  • Hotel Staffs – From Valet Parking to Cleaning Staff

Always be respectful and courteous to the staff, whether it is a one star or five-star hotel. It is highly improper to call waiters, bell boys, security and other staff with claps and finger clicks. Remember, positive attitude goes a long way. Look for their ID badge or ask them their names.

  • Offering Tips

Be generous and leave tips as a small reward for the people serving you throughout your stay doing menial and odd jobs.

People you should tip:

  • Valet parking – on drop-off and/or pick-up of your vehicle 
  • Doorman – on arrival and departure 
  • Porter/ Bell boy after bags have been delivered to your room or picked up and   
  • Concierge – at the end of the hotel stay 
  • Restaurant servers – 
  • Cleaning staff – on the desk or dresser in a visible location 
  • Checking out

Make sure to check your bill and accuracy of the charges. If there is any issue, call the front desk and politely discuss to resolve the confusions. Leave your key in the room when it is time to depart. You can also request for the bellboy to pick your luggage at the check-out time.

  • Be a Guest that Every Staff Remembers

These etiquettes are not any new rules but common courtesies that ensure a good time for the gusts and staff by considering the comfort and convenience of all the people around you. Here are some general rules to be a star guest that every staff remembers and want to host again and again at their hotel.

Agreed, you are on vacation, might have had a few drinks and having a gala time. But make sure that you do not talk too loud in the hallways, play music or TV very loud and disturb other guests. Be considerate and do not make noise while leaving or returning to the room in the early or late hours.

Every hotel staff appreciates guests who treat all the furniture and valuable items in the room with care. If something is broken or doesn’t work, contact the front desk and let them know right away. Do not waste water and electricity and make sure all of these are turned off when not in the room.

Keep the room tidy and clean by throwing garbage only in the given dustbins. Do not leave your clothes and bags on the bed or floor. Place them in the given cupboards or side chair or table so that the housekeeping team can clean your room easily.

Never take reusable items such as bathrobes, towels, décor items, dishes along with you while checking out from the hotel. It leaves a bad impression about the guests on the hotel staff and not to mention a shameful experience in case of being caught later.

Be a hotel-friendly guest. Everyone in the hotel, including staff and other guests deserves your respect, kindness and consideration. Follow these etiquettes and make your vacation an enjoyable experience for all.

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